Time to Shine!
Looking to heal your body, reconnect to your soul, and have more energy than ever? We're looking for 10 women who want to truly transform and heal their body, mind, and spirit over the next 90 days.
"Soulistic Freedom is about tapping into a state of freedom, bliss, and abundance in your body, mind & spirit"
Soulistic Freedom is about tapping into a state of freedom in your body, mind, & spirit where all 3 are at their highest vibration and you feel more alive than ever!

Imagine you are finally the person you always knew you were, but now you feel it bursting from every single cell in your body.

No more brain fog, fatigue, random pain, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, fear based living, limited mindset making. No more settling for just feeling ok and no more random quick fixes that just don't work.

You deserve to feel BEYOND AMAZING!   

 At the end of your 90 days with us you'll finally feel a type of healthy that radiates from every inch of your being, your body will be working like the miracle that it is, you will be in tune with what makes you feel good, and what is holding your back.  
Your mindset will be so abundant and on point that manifesting your reality becomes second nature. Your spirit will be alive and you'll finally know what it means to feel in the flow of your life (and how food effects it all).

I want you to know that you can! Yes you can heal your body! Yes you can feel amazing! You can live the life of your dreams! You can be happy now . . .you are enough, you are worthy,and the time is NOW ❤
It's me! Danielle Melise, Love Warrior, Founder, & Creator at Soulistic Freedom
"Design a life you love that loves you back, own it, nourish it, fall head over heals in love with it!"

Here's What You Get:
A Few Of The Areas We'll Be Covering:
Using Food To Heal Body, Mind, & Spirit

Self Love Practices
Manifestation Work

Yoga & Meditation
Reprogramming Your Subconscious

Increasing Happiness & Reducing Stress
Does any of this sound like you?

  •  You have health goals, but just can't seem to reach them. 
  •  You're feeling stuck
  • You feel like you're pretty health conscious but somehow you still don't feel good. 
  •  You think you could feel even better than you do now.
  •  You have fatigue, digestive difficulties, inflammation, or auto imune disease.
  •   You're feel like you're pretty healthy, but you're not happy
  •  You're feeling kind of negative lately
  •  You feel a lack of self-love and a lot of self judgment
  •  You don't quite feel like yourself these days
  •  You feel ashamed that you don't feel better, and want to feel amazing
  •  You see people who look so "alive", and you want to know how to bring that into your life

Then You Need To Apply To Join Us
It All Starts With A FREE Transformation Session
Why I dream so big & do what I do:
Let me introduce you to what I call the S.Y.A. moment: that moment when you realize there's no night in shining armor coming to fix everything and its going to be 100% up to you to Save Your own A$S. 
My S.Y.A. moment came after 3 years of deeply trying struggle that started with two car accidents and culminated with one BIG FAT case of ILLNESS. I was in pain, exhausted, gaining weight, depressed, and well, feeling completely stuck.

I knew that the doctors solution of drugs, more sleep and generic statement "everything looks fine" was not going to work for me but it wasn't until the moment (3 years later) that my dad told me he feared I would never "truly live" that I realized the only person who could truly save me was me.

Finding the true solution to healing can take years and surfing through tons of misinformation.  Meanwhile everyone is walking around feeling sick, in pain, stressed, sad, tired, you name it!  I want everyone out there to know that YOU CAN HEAL, you can feel amazing, and you don't have to wait another moment to save your own A$$! 

It shouldn't be so hard and confusing to just feel on top of your game. Everyone deserves a change agent and a true solution to vibrant out of this world health, so I'm takin' on the job and I'm lovin' every minute of it!
What People Are Saying

Mandy T.
I’ve been around the block a few times, so I knew all too well how to take care of myself, but this time my body, mind and spirit was really crying out for help. I reached out to Danielle and she reached out to me. The ‘reaching’ out part was what I needed. I was so tired and had so many digestive issues that I kept masking with more wine (duh) and Pepcid so, the WHY, the WHEN and, the HOW, merged together. I told the universe what I needed and there it was. I take monetary commitments very serious, so I realized this was of the same value, but also my personal journey and I had to be accountable, I had to be engaged in the process. This is what I needed…community, support and inspiration. The biggest realization for me was that I needed to ‘touch’ the food I’m eating and the support I received with recipe ideas and combinations was and is superb. Changing my foods also made a difference in my energy and digestion. I really needed to take an active part, feel the rhythm and life of the food I was about to eat. As Danielle told me at the start, it takes 200 days to change our habits. I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m just trying to feel AMAZING and feel a difference in my day to day journey. Oh, and I highly recommend the DETOX, which is an even greater way to ‘jump start’ the feeling AMAZING! I'm finally back in touch with myself and my husband keeps telling me that this program has changed his life, and I have to say It has completely changed mine too!

Kate F.
The way the exercise and eating/coaching support from Danielle have changed my life are limitless. I am at my post pregnancy weight of my two babies for the first time in 4 years, my arms and stomach have more muscle definition than they ever have, I wake up with energy and I actually enjoy putting clean foods into my body. Possibly the most amazing thing to happen to me during this program is that after having two IVF babies, and given a 1 in 100 million chance to conceive on our own, two weeks after our cleanse my husband and I found out we are pregnant. I fully contribute this to the whole body and mind focus at Soulistic Freedom. I am healthier than I have ever been, and I am so grateful!!!!

Sarah H.
Prior to my life changing experience with the 90 day transformation was normal so I thought, I would go to my Barre classes 3-4 times a week, I ate “healthy” so I thought. Well my stomach begged to differ, it was always bloated and hurting but that was “normal” for me. One day I saw a post from Danielle stating she was doing free consultations to those interested in a change, I immediately contacted her and wanted to talk, what could I lose right? It was certainly the best decision ever! I will never forget that day that we discussed by goals, feelings and how we can change those and feel better while working together to get all under control. What I came to find out is if you want something bad enough you “will” make time to do what is needed to make the changes you so desire. After a couple of weeks of cutting dairy I choose to cut out meat and gluten to see if I would feel even better, sure enough yes I did!! Amazing is what I felt, it was rubbing off on all around me, they all saw how great I felt and looked and started asking what I was doing to feel this great, they all wanted to feel the way I felt. I hit a plateau though which we all do when we are going thru changes such as this, I reached out to Danielle and told her and she said “call me” so we can discuss something even more effective, she asked me “are you ready for this”? I was sooo excited yes I wanted even more!! For 2 weeks I did a cleanse. That was my life changing moment, these 2 weeks that I wasn’t sure if I could do, I did it and it transformed my body, mind and soul. I leaned out, I felt great, I had so much energy and it helped me in knowing what my body really does not like or need for that matter, I lost cellulite that I wanted as well. To all those who are scared or on the fence about making life changing decisions just have faith in yourself , you have the power to change and feel better all it takes is wanting it bad enough and loving yourself enough to do it.

Soulistic Freedom - 2017